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The Event Change Request Process

The event change request process allows Event Authors and Users with the relevant permissions to edit Event Requests and Events. To understand this process users must understand the difference between an Event Request and an Event

When users request an event it is considered an Event Request. The Event Request is sent through the necessary approval process. If the event has not yet been Approved, Event Authors/Owners, or Users with the relevant permissions, may edit the Event Request, resetting the approval process. Once the event request is Approved it becomes an Event, and is published to the Public Event Site. Event Authors/Owners, or Users with the relevant permissions, may request changes to the Event, which resets the approval process based on the requested changes to the event. 

There are multiple pieces to Event Change Requests:

  • Request Event (Event Author)

  • Edit Event Request (Event Author)

  • Approve Event (Admin)

  • Request Changes to an Event (Event Author)

  • Approve Changes to an Event (Admin)


Request Event

Event Author

To understand the Event Request process we are going to look in on Arlyn, who will request an event inside Coursedog Events.


Arlyn has the role of Staff in Coursedog. Arlyn needs to request an event for the Business Administration Department. Within Coursedog, Arlyn clicks on “Request an Event” on the homepage of Events.


Arlyn wants to hold a press conference for a presentation of a donor’s gift to the College of Business. Arlyn selects the “Media-PR” event type from the drop-down and proceeds to fill out the information required by the form. For more information on requesting events, click hereOnce Arlyn completes the form, he selects “Submit Event Request” at the bottom of the form, initiating the workflow approval process.


Edit Event Request

Event Author

Before Arlyn’s event is passed through the entire approval workflow and is approved he realizes that he made a mistake and needs to change the time of the event. Within Coursedog, Arlyn clicks on “My Requests” on the homepage of Events.

He then locates and selects the correct event from the list of requests:


Arlyn then selects ‘Edit Request’ in the upper-right corner:


He then makes the desired changes to the Event Request and selects ‘Save Changes’ and responds ‘Yes’ to the following prompt: 

This action re-initiates the approval workflow unless the author of the edit has the permission to edit requests without updating workflow.


Approve Event


Grand Lakes University uses Coursedog’s workflow functionality to route requests to appropriate staff for approval. The Media-PR Event Type approval flow looks like this:



According to the workflow, Haily must approve Arlyn’s event request before the room is reserved and the event request gets published to the Coursedog University calendar of events. Note that this approval process is identical for the initial event request and the edit to the event request.


Once Arlyn hits submit, Coursedog sends a message to Haily to let her know she has a new event to approve. Haily can then log on to Coursedog and review Arlyn’s event request. 


When Haily logs onto the Coursedog homepage she can navigate to the event request by selecting it from her ‘To Do List’ or selecting ‘Requests:’



For the sake of this example, let’s say Haily has no changes and approves the event request. Once Haily chooses “Approve” and then clicks “Submit,” Arlyn’s Event Request becomes an Event and is immediately published to the public-facing calendar.



Request Changes to an Event

Event Author

Based on Arlyn’s role as “Staff” in Coursedog, he cannot edit the event, but he can initiate a request to change the event. To do this, Arlyn goes to the event in Coursedog and selects “Request Changes”. 



This process of requesting changes to an event re-initiates workflow. This means that a selection of a different room or addition of resources requires the request to go back through an approval process workflow. Note that the event will not be pulled from the Public Event site.

So, Arlyn makes his changes to this event request by uploading a picture, and chooses “Submit Event Request.”



Approve Changes to an Event



Note that the approval process for changes to an Event is identical to the approval process for changes to an Event Request, however the Request Type will now say ‘Edit Event:’

Once Haily accepts the request for change, the updated image appears on the Grand Lakes University public calendar:


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