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Can I change an Event Type of an approved event?

Editing the Event Type of an Approved Event

For the occasion when someone accidentally chooses the wrong Event Type when requesting an event, you can edit the Event Type of the approved event. NOTE: This requires the appropriate role permissions enabling you to edit the approved event itself.

Take a look at the image below. Arlyn chose the "Campus-wide Event" Event Type when making this request. Because he did this, the request followed an incorrect approval process and errors in Arlyn's event did not get corrected. To adjust this, you can choose "Edit Event Type" to make the correction. Keep in mind, editing the Event Type of an approved event impacts the form and fields for the event - as they are defined by the Event Type. This means there might be missing information required now for the event. Additionally, if changes are requested for this event, changing the event type forces a different workflow, also defined by the Event Type. In this situation, that is the desired behavior we want, so let's choose "Edit Event Type."

When you click on "Edit Event Type" this is the prompt you receive:

Click the drop-down and choose the Event Type more suitable for this event. In this example, we are going to choose "Media-PR" and then click "Save."

This makes the change and returns you to the Event page. Notice the change in the Event Type.

Remember: In order for this to work in your environment, check with your administrator about role permissions for this feature.

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