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PeopleSoft Integration


Coursedog has built a tight, bi-directional integration to both GET and POST schedule & curriculum planning data into Peoplesoft. 

1. Data Workbooking/Mapping

Coursedog’s integration process begins with reviewing our Peoplesoft data, which details the fields that we normally GET (receive from the SIS) and POST (send back to the SIS).  We also delve into the following topics during these sessions:

  • How many of each entity (sections, courses, departments, instructors, buildings, rooms, terms and subterms, crosslisted courses etc.) we should expect in Coursedog
  • Filtering that we should apply on the fly through the integration: i.e. ‘Exclude 45 specific departments by department code, exclude inactive rooms, exclude rooms of type ‘o’, exclude inactive instructors etc.
  • Customizations done to your system
  • Correctness of the SIS as the source of truth for the data we need
  • Correctness of the listed source tables and fields from your SIS.  Reviewing the listed SIS tables/source for each entity.  We need to know if our certified build will 'just work' or if there are adjustments needed given any custom work or areas of the SIS that you don't use in a vanilla way.
  • Identification of any additional fields that we should get from your SIS that are needed in Coursedog or needed by the SIS when creating or updating data.

2. Installing the Integration Interface

See the following article on installing the integration interface. 

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