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Building Curriculum Requisites

When it comes to managing curriculum, requisites can quickly become a complicated mess. To solve this, Coursedog offers an extremely flexible, intuitive requisite builder that allows you to manage event the most complex curriculum requirements. 

The requisite builder works the same for both Courses and Programs. From the form, navigate to the Requisites card and select ‘Add Requisite’.


Requisites are custom conditionals that designate whether or not a student is eligible for a course or completes the requirements of a program. 

Each requisite has a name, type and condition.

Requisite Type

There are four requisite types offered in Coursedog:

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Corequisites

  3. Antirequisites

  4. Completion Requirements

Requisite Conditions

To build out the functionality of a requisite, you will piece together a series of options. There are infinite combinations you can build, but here is an example that displays how requisites are constructed. In this example, a prerequisite for this course is that students must have completed the course CS10. 

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