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How do field level term permissions and role based term permissions interact?

Generally speaking, a section field is editable by a user if both of the following criteria are met:

1. Edit Sections must be true: This means that either the setting is set as "true" or the setting is set as "allow if" and whatever condition specified has been met

2. The "Terms Allowed To Edit" setting on the class status field must either be empty (which indicates all terms are allowed) or have Fall 2020 as one of the allowed terms (Settings > Field Options > Section template):

How do field level term permissions and role based term permissions interact?

There is an "Allowed Terms" conditional  permissions that exists on the "Edit Section" permission, which indicates what terms a user can edit a section:

For clarity - let's call these "Edit Section Allowed Terms".

Then there are field level term permissions that exist in the Section Template:

Let's call these: "Field Level Allowed Terms".

If we are determining if a user can edit the "Instructor Role" field for a section in Fall 2020, we  have to look at both "Edit Section Allowed Terms" and "Field Level Allowed Terms":

How this can be used for multi term scheduling?

Let's say there are three terms where you want at least some editing for sections to occur:

1. Fall 2020

2. Spring 2021

Fall 2020 is mostly done, so you only want the Class Size field to be editable. For Spring 2021, you want all fields to be editable.

Set up Edit Sections Allowed Terms = "Fall 2020, Spring 2021". This means the user can edit the section (even if there are permissions inside the section that lock certain fields). If Fall 2020 is not included, then the user will not be able to edit any field in Fall 2020.

Set up Field Level Allowed Terms for the Class Sizefield to be "Fall 2020, Spring 2021". For every other field, set it to just "Spring 2021".

This results in the Class Size field being editable in both terms, but all other fields being editable in only Spring 2021.

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