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How can I add events to my personal calendar?


The Coursedog events platform has an Ical feed integration that allows users to add event information into your personal calendar. This integration happens automatically and requires no client set up. The following outlines how you can access the Ical or Google Calendar feed.

Accessing Ical

It is quick and easy to add events from the Coursedog Public Events calendar to your personal calendar. To add an event to your native computer calendar, simply select ‘Add to calendar’ and a download will run in your browser.

Open the link and you will be able to add the event directly to your calendar.

Accessing Google Calendar

To add an event directly to your Gcal, select ‘Add to Google Calendar.’

You will be prompted to log in or, if you are already logged in, the event will automatically open in a new tab. Here you can make any edits to the event before saving it directly to your google calendar.

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