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Configuring Templates and Field Options

Prior to Coursedog connecting your Staging environment to the SIS through middleware APIs it is mandatory to first comprehensively configure the section, course, room and instructor templates. Specifically:

  • Set which fields are editable, locked, required
  • Define custom fields needed

Once the system is integrated adding and removing custom fields may require up to a week for Coursedog to accommodate so it is imperative to define these up front. 

The templates are located under Settings → Field Options.

You can switch between the four different templates at the top of the page.

Adding and removing fields from the above templates and maturing them should be a task you complete prior to the Coursedog environment being integrated with your SIS. 

The full set of activities you should execute are noted below.  Refer back to the data workbooks filled out earlier in the project where the necessary information was captured regarding 'What do you call this field' and update the UI in Coursedog to use school naming conventions.

1. Change the name and description of any pre-built fields, i.e. changing Call number to CRN and adding a description

2. Add any custom fields and get the labels confirmed correctly.  Note that most custom fields that you add to your form are information collection fields and are not integrated with your SIS.  These are fields that you may choose to add workflow around and that you may use to make decisions within Coursedog but they are not exchanged with your SIS.   There may be some custom fields that you have asked Coursedog to integrate for you during your onboarding that ARE exchanged with your SIS. It is very important that you do not delete these from the template as they will then no longer be integrated with your SIS and to re-add them you will require assistance from Coursedog.

3. Designate all fields as required, whether they are editable, editable by term, and any min/max values

See also the standard integration configuration article which designates fields as Coursedog owned or SIS owned. All Coursedog owned fields can be editable in the UI. Fields that the SIS exclusively owns should be designated as not editable in Coursedog.

For Banner users only: Banner has start dates set on the meeting pattern level, not the section level, so they don’t come across in our section data. As such, Banner clients should hide the section start date and section end date fields via the hide checkbox (the middle one in the image below).

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