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Instructor Dashboard

Table of Contents

Instructor Dashboard - Home
Instructor Dashboard - My Schedule
Instructor Dashboard - My Forms
Additional Notes


  • At some schools, when a user with the "Instructor" role logs in, they are taken to an "Instructor Dashboard." This dashboard allows users to see the following:

    •  A "Things To Do" list that includes all preference forms they must complete.

    • A list of all instructor assignments across all terms.

    • A list of all preference forms they have submitted for each term.

  • Note that most schools do not use the Instructor Dashboard due to some limitations (e.g. users with this dashboard cannot see the scheduling timeline), so this article only applies to those institutions who have opted to keep the Instructor Dashboard. 

Instructor Dashboard - Home

The landing page shows the "Things To Do" List. 

Instructor Dashboard - My Schedule

The "My Schedule" tab shows which sections they are assigned to.



Instructor Dashboard - My Forms


The "My Forms" tab shows all preference forms they are assigned to. This filters for: 

  • All Forms – Shows all forms assigned to the instructor and the status for each.

  • Pending Forms – Shows those forms that are assigned to the user/instructor but that the instructor hasn’t yet started to fill out.

  • Incomplete Forms – Shows forms the instructor has started to fill out but hasn’t submitted. 

  • Completed Forms – Shows forms the instructor has filled out and submitted. 


Fill Form

Users are able to access the forms directly from this page by clicking on "Fill Form." Users will stay logged in while they fill out the preference form and can go back to the main dashboard at any point. 


Additional Notes

  • In order for the Instructor Dashboard to populate correctly, the user will need to have an instructor profile at Academic Scheduling > Instructors. 

  • Confirm that the assigned department(s) and email are consistent between the instructor profile and the instructor's user profile.

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