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Creating a Form

What are Forms?

Coursedog forms enable you to create a set pre-defined questions for end users to answer and fill out. On the Coursedog platform, once can create a form to add, edit, or remove a course or program. 

The below guide outlines how forms are created and how they can be edited. 

Using Forms

Forms Home Screen

Form Construction 

Forms consist of "cards" and "fields". Cards represent sections in a form, whereas fields represent individual questions within a card. 

Form Customization

Using the WYSIWYG Custom Field

The WYSWIYG (What you see is what you get) field is a field that enables the end-user access to a rich text editor. This editor can handle paragraph style text with formatting such as hyperlinks, bullets, underlining, and bolding. 

For the end user to access the features such as hyperlinks, bullets, underlining, and bolding select any text in the editor. The below is an example what the end user will see when answering the question.

The form creator can also access the WYSIWYG editor by clicking the "add default values" button on the field customization panel on the left side of the page. This can be used to pre-fill WYSIWYG questions or create a section with information that cannot be edited by the end user. For instance, if one wanted to create a paragraph explanation with custom formatting in hyperlinks, they should click "add default value" then click "editable" to prevent end-users from filling out the question. 

Automatically Generated Cards

Learning outcomes, credits, topics, requisites, components, and course schedule are automatically generated cards that capture key parameters from the end user. Learning outcomes can be defined in the form, or by the user as they complete the form. Credits, topics, components, and course schedule cards can be edited on the template level. Requisites are defined by the end-user completing the form. Please see the "templates" help ticket to view how to adjust credits, topics, and components. 

Pre-Defining Learning Outcomes in a Form 

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