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How can I modify the email notification cadence for Requests awaiting review?

In Coursedog, various events trigger email notifications, including notifications for requests awaiting the user's review. Users dealing with large volumes of requests may wish to receive a daily email digest rather than immediate notifications in order to minimize the number of emails received.

In Account settings, users can now specify for each product, what is their desired request workflow notification setting. You may navigate to Account Settings by clicking on the person icon on the top right of the application and clicking on 'Account Settings.' Within Account Settings, specify whether you would like to receive immediate email notifications for Request notifications or a daily digest. Note that these settings only apply to email notifications that notify users that a request has reached their step in the workflow.

The options are immediate or daily digest. If immediate, the system will send out request workflow notifications to users as soon as the request reaches their step in the workflow (this is the default). 

If set to daily digest, users will get only one email, that indicates to them that there are requests that in the last 24 hours have moved into their workflow step and require their approval. If no requests moved into the user's workflow step in the last 24 hours, no email will be sent. You may find below a sample of the daily digest email, where the link will redirect the user to the appropriate request dashboard page.

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