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Can I change the domain of Coursedog and set up a Vanity URL?

Coursedog can set up a vanity URL if a client wants their public catalog or events page to be located at a website address.

However, Coursedog will not generate a custom domain for our class scheduling or curriculum planning system.  Catalog and Events only. We will not generate multiple custom domains for a client per product.  We'll create one for their public catalog product (or maybe two, i.e. a grad catalog and an undergrad catalog), one for their public events product but we won't generate a new vanity URL for each calendar year etc. If a client wants public URLs for their archived catalogs they should either create a PDF of that old catalog and link the PDF from an 'Archived Catalogs' navigation link in their current catalog or accept a address for the old catalogs. 

If you are looking to create a vanity URL, please reach out to your Coursedog Customer Success representative. 

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