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Problems Adding User(s) to a Product

If you are a Coursedog Admin and you are trying to add a user to a/another product, you will need to have that product added under your own account  account (even if you are an Admin of another product and do not use Class Scheduling) to have the ability to add new users. For example, if you are a Coursedog Admin for the Scheduling Product and you are attempting to add a user to the Events Product, you will need to ensure you have the Events Product assigned to your Coursedog Admin account. If you are running into issues with adding users, such as the Coursedog application logging you out, first ensure that you have the respective product on your account.

To verify or add the product to your account:

  • Click on your User profile or the User profile for who will be adding user(s)
  • Under the Products section, click into the dropdown menu and add the desired Product

  • You will notice in the upper-left of the screen, next to your Institution's name, the changed settings will show as 'Saving...'and then 'All Changes Saved' if successful.

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