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INTEGRATION: Merge Statuses

Table of Contents

Potential Merge Statuses
Viewing Sync Details
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  • The section editing modal has the ability to display an Integration Sync status at the top of the modal for end users to indicate if there are issues with the section syncing. This status will only be generated if the following conditions are met:

  1. This is a school in an integrated environment with the nightly or real time merges turned on.

  2. The "View Section Integration Status'' permission/setting under Roles > Course Editor has been set to "Allow".

  • You can learn about our SIS Sync Tool here.

Potential Merge Statuses

Section Not Synced |  Synced Successfully |  Synced with Errors

Section Not Synced

The following status will appear for sections that have not yet synced, including all new sections.



Synced Successfully

If a section has been synced successfully, it will show the following status:


Synced with Errors

If a section synced with errors, the following status will be shown:



Viewing Sync Details

  • The user can click on the status to open a modal with more details.

  • The status only shows errors when syncing Coursedog data with the SIS. 

  • If a merge error occurs (they are rare and usually only occur in staging instances while APIs are being set up), those errors will not be shown.



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