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COURSES & PROGRAMS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

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Where do the display name, short description, and full description come from for programs?


The answer to this depends on whether you have a Contemporary or Standard Catalog. 


Program has 3 fields on the program record that are used for the catalog display. These are: 

  • catalogDisplayName (displayed at the top of the page; if no name is found here, it resolves to programLongName)

  • catalogShoreDescription (displayed if it exists)

  • catalogFullDescription (displayed if it exists)

All three of these are managed on the program record in Curriculum (added via Curriculum > Settings > Program Templates). Anything further needs to be added with the catalog page template. 


For program titles on catalog pages, it will be one of the following in the order listed below (i.e. if the prior one doesn’t exist, it proceeds to the next). 

  • transcriptDescription

  • longName

  • Name

If none of the three options are found, it displays “Untitled Program”. 

If a customer changes a course or program in Curriculum, will those changes automatically appear in the Catalog? 

  • This question/answer only applies to those Catalog customers who are also leveraging our Curriculum Management app. 

  • That being said, the answer still depends on a few different variables. Namely: What filters/criteria were used to pull data into Catalog (e.g. “All” or “Courses Effective [Term]”), and is effective dating applicable? 

  • Depending on those variables, the answer could be:

    • If all Curriculum data is pulled into Catalog and there are no effective revisions, any change to a course or program that is approved will automatically reflect in the catalog.

    • If specific Curriculum entities are pulled into the catalog based on their effective date and a proposed change carries with it an effective date within the range of the catalog, it will be shown once approved.

    • If specific Curriculum entities are pulled into the catalog based on their effective date and a proposed change carries with it an effective date that is outside the range/dates of the catalog, then no – those changes will NOT appear in the Catalog.

How can I get images onto the program page?

Use Case

You want to add photos to your Catalog that represent different programs. 


How to Do It (Overview)

To Add Photos One-by-One for Programs

The ability to add program images to catalog pages resides in Curriculum Management. 


Step 1: Follow this path: Curriculum Management > Settings > Program Template


Step 2: Make sure “Catalog Image” is already part of your program template. If it is, skip to step five. If it isn’t, process to step three.


Step 3: Select “Program Template Fields”. 


Step 4: Drag and drop “Catalog Image” onto your template.


Step 5: Follow this path, select “Add Image”, and follow the on-screen prompts: Curriculum Management > Programs > [Select Program ] > Edit Program

To Add Photos En Masse

Work with your Coursedog team to have photos added in bulk for multiple programs. 


Course Titles Not Showing in Catalog

Problem Overview

Some course titles aren’t appearing in your public-facing catalog. 


  • Check the following to see if you spot any issues: 

    • The effective date of the course (and all its revisions).

    • The effective date of the program.

    • The effective date of the catalog

  • If no issues are found, open a support ticket. 

Programs Aren’t Showing Up

Problem Overview

Programs aren’t appearing as expected. 

Cause Overview

  • This is likely due to an issue with effective dates.

  • Let’s say you have a Biology program that has an effective end date of 2021-08-15, and your new catalog for the year has an effective term start date of 2021-08-22.

  • The effective term start date for the catalog essentially says, “Give me all programs that have an effective end date of later than 2021-08-22”. In this case, the Biology program doesn’t meet that criteria so the program doesn’t show up at all. 

  • You would only see this happening if you have recently set the effective date on your catalog. 

Solution Overview

The easy solution, for now, is to set your effective date range to be earlier so that Coursedog can see those programs again.

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