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Troubleshooting Broken Links & Missing Programs - All Catalogs

Table of Contents

Broken Program and Course Links
Programs Aren’t Showing Up


If you’re experiencing issues with broken links in your catalog, try these solutions.

Broken Program and Course Links

Problem Overview

There are two cases in which this may be happening:

  1. If you did not use the “embed program link” functionality that is built into Coursedog, you may be experiencing broken links. This would occur if you chose to hardcode a link or if you copy/pasted a previous page into a new page that had the link established already. Please note that this is not a recommended practice. It is always best to utilize the “embed program link” within our rich text editor.

  2. If your program overview page looks something like the below screenshot.

Cause Overview

  • In either case, the problem is likely due to a known issue when creating revisions in your catalog. Rest assured that we are actively working on a resolution to the issue.

  • What’s occurring is that your old ID from the previous version of the program is being read as the recent version. While we work to correct the issue, you do have the ability to reestablish the link if you would like to recreate the program in your editor.



Since this is only a workaround and not a resolution, we will update documentation as soon as the permanent solution is in place. Rest assured we are diligently working to create a solution that will ensure that the broken links do not happen again.

How To Do It

Step 1: Navigate to Catalog > Departments.

Step 2: Select a department (“Biology” was selected for the below example).

Step 3: From there you would go in and reestablish the program link.

Step 4

  • Choose the program that you’d like to re-establish.

  • The link will then be created correctly.

Programs Aren’t Showing Up

Problem Overview

Programs aren’t appearing as expected. 

Cause Overview

  • This is likely due to an issue with effective dates.

  • Let’s say you have a Biology program that has an effective end date of 2021-08-15, and your new catalog for the year has an effective term start date of 2021-08-22.

  • The effective term start date for the catalog essentially says, “Give me all programs that have an effective end date of later than 2021-08-22”. In this case, the Biology program doesn’t meet that criteria so the program doesn’t show up at all. 

  • You would only see this happening if you have recently set the effective date on your catalog. 

Solution Overview

The easy solution, for now, is to set your effective date range to be earlier so that Coursedog can see those programs again.

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