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CATALOG SEARCH: FAQs & Troubleshooting

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What is the sorting behavior for the public-facing Catalog’s prebuilt filters? 


  • Visitors to your public Catalog site will have the option to filter Course and Program search results using the “Sort By” dropdown. 

  • For Courses, options are:

  1. -

  2. Code

  3. Name

  4. Subject Code

  5. Department

  6. Description

  7. Career

  • For Programs, options are: 

  1. -

  2. Name

  3. Code

  4. Long Name

  5. Catalog Display Name

  6. Degree Designation

  7. Description

Sorting Behavior


The sorting behavior for each available option is listed below. 


  • This is the default.

  • It sorts alphabetically by short title

  • For most schools, we will sort the courses based on the availability of course attributes in the following order: 

    • Catalog Display Name

    • Transcript Description

    • Short Title

    • Long Title

  • For a handful of schools who’ve requested it, we instead sort the courses based on code. But note that if you go this route, it applies to both Courses and Programs. If you wish to go this route, reach out to your Coursedog contact. 


Sorts alphabetically and numerically by Course Code Attribute + Number, e.g. ACCT101, 102, ANTH 101, 102, etc. 


Sorts numerically then alphabetically based on course short title

Subject Code

  • Sorts based on Subject Code first. 

  • The number has no bearing on sort order. Instead, we sort the courses based on the time it was created in Coursedog (this can result in ACCT-211 appearing before ACCT-102, for example, if ACCT-211 was created first). 


It will sort courses first by Department ID, and then secondarily by the time it was created in Coursedog.


It will sort the courses first by the Description attribute, and then secondarily by the time it was created in Coursedog.


It will sort first by Career attribute, and then secondarily by the time it was created in Coursedog.

Long Name

Programs sorted alphabetically according to Program Long Name.

Catalog Display Name

Programs sorted alphabetically according to Catalog Display Name.

Degree Designation

Sorted first alphabetically by Degree Designation and then alphabetically by Program Name.

How can I improve the ranking of custom pages in global search results?

Question Detail

You want to improve the ranking of custom pages in the global search results within your catalog (i.e. not necessarily SEO for external searches like Google or Bing). 

Answer Summary

  • To rank a certain page higher than others, we recommend adding keywords to the page title.

  • If, for example, you want your “About Us” page to be the top result when a site visitor searches for “How we got started”, you might want to change the page title to “About Us | How We Got Started”. 

Additional Context

  • The below table breaks down how we rank pages in Coursedog.

  • The weight is the impact of that field; the more weight it has, the more priority it gets in ranking.



Page Title


Subpage Title


Page Content


Subpage Content



General Search Troubleshooting (Contemporary Only)

Problem Overview

The search function on your public website isn’t behaving as expected. 


  • The exact solution can depend on your problem (see “Course Subject Code Not Appearing in Dropdown” below).

  • In general it’s important to keep in mind that the search facet pulls from the page templates, and the catalog page template pulls from Curriculum. Consequently, a first step when troubleshooting any sidebar search issue is to confirm the same question id is in use across all three areas

  • Updates to the Catalog page template typically require a refresh of the sidebar search template.

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Configurable Course & Program Search

Course Subject Code Not Appearing in Dropdown (Contemporary Only)

Problem Overview

A Course Subject Code that’s attached to a department isn’t appearing in the Course Subject Code search on your Catalog’s public website. 


Make sure the missing the Course Subject Code is in your search facet data set. You can do that by:

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Settings > Sidebar Search Filters.

  2. Select the applicable search. 

  3. Click into “Course Subject Code” to open its settings. 

  4. Click the “Data Sets” toggle on the left (under “Question Settings” to open it. 

  5. Click into the dropdown under “new option” to find and select the missing code.

  6. Click “Add Option”.

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Configurable Course & Program Search

Course Subject Codes Not Appearing in Alphanumeric Order (Contemporary Only)

Problem Overview

Once a visitor to your public website selects a subject code from the dropdown, the options don’t show in alphanumeric order. 


You likely need to switch the sort order to code (shown below). 

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