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Loading Historical Data In Curriculum Via Integration (Peoplesoft)

Important Note: this is currently only supported for Peoplesoft integrations.

In curriculum, for courses and programs, there might be historical information from the SIS in the form of prior-effective dated revisions of the data we need to import. (i.e. a course has 10 revisions between 1900 and 2021, and we need to load them all in. )

For schools where this functionality is enabled, this is done by running an integration (either manual or nightly) where the effective date is set to "No Date":

This setting essentially means: "when loading this data, ignore effective dates and load all rows".

This is also different from setting the effective data as "Not Set", which will then default the effective date to the current date:

For this functionality to work, the following must occur first:

  1. The school must have installed at minimum the 8.19.21 Peoplesoft integration patch.
  2. N2N must enable the isEffectiveDateTrue param for the school for the courses and programs API.
  3. N2N must enable the nextPageNumber pagination param for the school for the courses and programs API.
  4. Coursedog must add the "No Date" effective date setting for the school.
  5. Coursedog must enable the new pagination param for the courses, coursesCm, and programs endpoint. This MUST be enabled for both courses and coursesCm endpoints, otherwise one could fail.

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