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Introduction to the Standard Coursedog Catalog Solution

Table of Contents

Key Components
Public Catalog


Coursedog’s Standard Catalog is a comprehensive Catalog Management System with a robust content management editor and workflow system.

Key Components


The catalog contains two key components:

  1. The internal, administrator-facing editor tool used to build the catalog.

  2. The customized, public-facing catalog to share with the entire campus community.

Administrative Interface

Public-Facing View

Public Catalog

Page Content

Every page on the public catalog contains the following 4 elements:

  1. Navbar – Includes a search bar on the far right.

  2. Page Content – Shown in the middle.

  3. Navigation – Shown on the far right.

  4. Footer – Shown in second image.


There are two ways to access a page in the catalog:

  1. Use the navigation panel.

  2. Use the search input.

The navigation panel can contain links and groups of links which are accessible by clicking on the items with a “^” symbol next to them.

Clicking on a link in the navigation panel will automatically redirect you to the corresponding page. All the links, groups of links, and name of links that are contained within the navigation panel are fully editable in the Internal Catalog Editor tool (see details below).

Search Input

To search for a page, type a search query into the search box, and the system will automatically redirect you to a search results page. For each result, we display the page name, page link, and a brief snippet of page content that contains the search query.

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