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Coursedog products explained

Here are a few key things to help you understand how Coursedog works:

  • We offer four core products– Class Schedule Planning, Event Schedule Planning Curriculum Planning and Catalog Planning. 
  • You can start with one product or multiple products. 
  • You can add or remove products at any time.
  • All products integrate seamlessly with each other and you can open up access to additional products at anytime. 

What is each product for?

Class Schedule Planning - Section and room scheduling without spreadsheets or back and forth emails. Offer the right courses, seats, and sections, enforce scheduling policies at the department level and automatically make the perfect room assignments.

Event Schedule Planning - Streamline the event request process with configurable forms, manage risk and communication with automatic notification approvals, and seamlessly promote events in one platform.

Curriculum Planning - Auto-send curriculum proposals and email notifications with workflows. Act on proposals with a personalized voting dashboard and create a searchable, digital archive of all proposals, courses, and programs.

Catalog Planning - Make a change to the catalog in one place and it’s updated everywhere, eliminating manual edits and searching for continuity across catalogs. Publish beautiful catalogs with one click.

What features do I get with each product?

Below is an outline of the key features included with each product. 

Unique features of Class Schedule Planning:

Class Schedule Planning includes: 

  • Offer the right courses and the right number of seats and sections with course demand projections.
  • Enforce scheduling policies automatically at the department/scheduler level
  • Seamlessly gather instructor preference with configurable forms
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts by creating course relationships to automatically enforce policies during scheduling. 
  • Automatically make perfect room assignments

Watch a recorded demo of class schedule planning.


Unique features of Event Schedule Planning: 

Event Schedule Planning includes: 

  • Customize Event Requests and Approvals
  • Auto-Notify all Stakeholders of Relevant Event Information
  • Increase Attendance to Events with Promotions
  • Improve your Event Strategy with Powerful Reporting and Inventory Tracking
  • Tightly integrated with external payments systems, Coursedog Class Schedule Planning, GSuite Outlook, and your SIS. 

Watch a recorded demo of Event Schedule Planning

Unique features of Curriculum Planning: 

  • Configurable Form and Workflow Builder
  • Personalized Views and Agendas for Approvals
  • Automatically Track and Update All Course, Program and Curricular Information
  • Real-time updates to Scheduling, Catalog and your SIS

Watch a recorded demo of Curriculum Management

Unique features of Catalog Planning:

  • Publish a beautiful, mobile-friendly catalog in real-time
  • Sync tightly with curricular changes
  • Publish printable degree maps
  • Powerful search to filter through relevant course information

Features shared with all products

  • Integrate with your SIS
  • Require Single Sign On
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