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Interactive Product Walk-Throughs

Table of Contents

Interactive Product Demos
In-App Walk-Throughs
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Coursedog offers two types of interactive product walk-throughs (also known as “flows”):

  • Interactive product demos don’t require a Coursedog log-in and are intended for new or prospective customers who are learning about our platform. 

  • In-app walk-throughs require a Coursedog log-in and are intended for admins/users who are actively configuring their user interface (UI). 

Interactive Product Demos

  • These are available via link and offer product and feature overviews.

  • These are for educational purposes and won’t result in any changes happening within your UI.

  • The full list of interactive product demos can be found here (you can “Filter by Product” on the right-hand side of the screen).

In-App Walk-Throughs

Overview | Academic Scheduling | Events Scheduling | Curriculum Management


  • These walk you step-by-step through different processes in real time.

  • In other words: If you want to complete a specific task, the related in-app flow will guide you through the process; by the time you’ve completed the walk-through, you’ve completed the task.

  • You can learn more about how in-app flows work – including how to activate them – here.

  • The full list of available in-app flows, and the paths to find them, is outlined below.

Academic Scheduling

  • Creating a Custom Section Rule – Scheduling > Rules > Section Rules > + New Rule

  • Creating & Viewing a Scheduling Request – Scheduling > Requests > + Create Request

  • Building a Workflow in Scheduling – Scheduling > Settings > Workflows > + Approval Workflow

Events Scheduling

Creating a New Event Type – Events > Settings > Event Types > + Add Event Type

Curriculum Management

  • Building a Workflow – Curriculum > Workflows > + Approval Workflow

  • Building a Course or Program Form – Curriculum > Forms > + Add Form

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