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Customizing your Catalog

Beyond the content of each page (which is fully customizable - see details below), certain styling aspects of the catalog are also customizable.


Within the navbar, the following styling is customizable

  1. Background color

  2. Institution Logo (appears on top left)

  3. Institution Name (appears on top left, next to logo) 

  4. Can also be hidden if logo contains institution name

  5. Theme Navbar Link Color - Controls the color of links in the navigation bar

        6. Theme Navbar Background Color - Controls the color of the navbar background 


Within the navigation panel, the following styling is customizable

  1. The color of each link. This color will also be applied to the links of search results


The footer can be used to add custom links to institution specific sites, such as the institution's home page, additional policy pages, terms of use pages, and any others.

  1. Background color

  2. Footer content and custom footer links. 

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