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Proposing Edits to a Course or Program

To propose a change to an existing course or program within Coursedog’s curriculum management platform, simply navigate to the desired course/program navigation and select ‘Propose Changes’ on the right actions bar.

From the dropdown, select the form you want to use for the proposal and click submit. 

From here, it’s as simple as filling out the fields and clicking ‘Submit Proposal’ on the right hand actions toolbar. 

Share Proposal

If you want to collaborate with your colleagues on a proposal, select ‘Share Proposal’ on the right actions toolbar. After clicking ‘Get Sharable Link’, you will see the following. 

By sharing the link and toggling the settings, you can collaborate with others directly within the Coursedog platform before submitting your proposal. 

View Changes

When you’ve worked extensively on a change request, it can be easy to forget what changes you have made. Coursedog solves this by tracking any changes and making them available by selecting ‘View Changes’ on the right actions toolbar. 

Here you can easily track the changes you have made and make sure everything is accurate before submitting. 

Extra Help

Some of the fields can be more complex to fill out. Check out the articles below for more information on filling out specific fields. 

Building Curriculum Requisites

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