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Managing Curriculum Proposals

Coursedog makes it easy to manage any proposals you’ve created or need to vote on. To see your proposals, navigate to ‘Proposals’ on the left navigation. 

Depending on your role and permissions, you may only see certain columns. 

From the proposals dashboard you can quickly see all relevant proposals organized by action. 

Filtering Proposal

Coursedog also allows you to define robust filtering on proposals.

Note: Ensure the departments are configured properly before using the department filter. 

Voting on a Proposal

If you have a proposal listed in the Vote Required section, you will want to take a look and decide whether or not to approve the proposal. To do so, simply click on the proposal and you will be taken to a dashboard where you can view the proposal and make a decision.

To see the dependencies you are voting on, select the ‘Dependencies’ pill. 

To see the changes you are voting on, select the ‘Changes’ pill. 

When you have made a decision, you can place your vote in the Proposal Toolbox on the right side. 

Tracking a Proposal

If you are looking to see the status of an existing proposal, navigate to the proposal and select ‘Workflow’ in the Proposal Toolbox on the right. Here you can see all the steps in the workflow the proposal has been through and needs to pass to be approved. 

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