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Creating & Managing Agendas

Table of Contents

Creating Agendas
Viewing, Editing & Deleting Agendas
Exporting to a PDF
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  • Coursedog’s Curriculum Management tool allows you to create agendas for committee meetings.

  • You can view a list of Agendas; create an Agenda; view, edit, and delete individual Agendas; associate Users/Committee members to an Agenda with notifications; and export an Agenda to PDF.


In order to properly set up agendas you will need to first ensure: 

*This is done by an admin at your institution.

Creating Agendas

Step 1: 

  • Navigate to Curriculum > Settings > Committees > (Select Committee) > Agendas to create an agenda that is assigned to a select, pre-existing committee and your permissions allow.

  • Navigate to Curriculum > Agendas to create an agenda if your role permissions don’t include access to Curriculum > Settings.

Step 2: Click on the “+Add Agenda” button from the list view.

Step 3: 

  • Input basic meeting information.

  • Required fields will be noted with a “required” flag. 

Step 4 (Optional): 

  • If you will be meeting in person and wish to assign a room, you can do that if you use our Academic and/or Events Scheduling platform.

  • Just select “In Person” from the “Meeting Type” dropdown and then click into the “Room” field that appears. This will allow you to locate an available room.

Step 5: Click “+ Proposals” to search for the proposals that the committee should review during the meeting.

Step 6: 

  • Click on a proposal to add it to the agenda.

  • You can select multiple proposals.

  • Click “Close” when you are finished.

  • If you aren’t finding the proposals you need, click the “filter” option at the top of the modal to help focus your search.

Step 7: Type into the “attendees” field to add individual attendees by name. 

Step 8: 

  • To edit the email that potentially goes out to attendees when the agenda is added and updated, click “edit email template”.

  • If you don’t wish to send an email, you’ll be able to opt out of that in a bit.

  • Edit the email as desired and click “Save”.

Step 9: Review your proposal details and, once confirmed, click “Submit”.

Step 10: 

  • Once you click “Submit”, you’ll be given the option to choose whether or not a notification email is sent to attendees.

  • Select “Yes” to send the notification. 

Viewing, Editing & Deleting Agendas

Viewing All Agendas | Viewing Agenda Details | Editing Agendas | Deleting Agendas

Viewing All Agendas

Navigate to Curriculum > Agendas to view all upcoming Agendas at your institution.

Viewing Agenda Details

  • Click into any agenda to view its details.

  • It will include basic meeting information, attachments, attendees, and proposals. 

  • It will also include a room assignment if you’re using Coursedog’s Events or Academic Scheduling platforms.

  • Click into the “Attachments” icon to view attachments.

Editing Agendas

  1. Click “Edit Agenda” to modify the agenda details, modify the proposal list, add attachments, or modify the attendee list.

  2. Click “Save” when you are done.

Deleting Agendas

You can remove or delete an existing Agenda by clicking on the “Delete Agenda” button in the upper right-hand corner. You will be prompted to confirm before it is removed.  

Exporting to a PDF

To export an agenda to a PDF: 

  1. Navigate to Curric > Agendas.

  2. Open the Agenda you’d like to export.

  3. Click the “Export” button next to the agenda name.

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