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COURSES & PROGRAMS: Search Order & Search Fields

Sort Order

How It Works

The sort order for which Courses and Programs display in Curriculum Management is as follows:

  • Courses are sorted alphanumerically by the course code field, which is typically the Subject Area and Course Number, e.g. BIO123.

  • Programs are sorted first by the Program Code, then Long Name and Catalog Description. 

Where It Applies

This sort order applies to all locations through which Curriculum data is loaded, including:

  • Curriculum Management's Course or Program page.

  • Searching through results in the Public Catalog.

  • Searching through results for requisites.

  • Adding Courses from Curriculum in Academic Scheduling.

Curriculum Management's Course or Program Page

Searching through Results in the Public Catalog

Searching through Results for Requisites

Adding Courses from Curriculum in Scheduling

Search Fields

When a user adds a search query to search through Courses and Program data in the user interface (UI) or in the public-facing catalog, the system will evaluate the query against the following fields:


'code', 'name', 'longName',
'description', 'aliases.subjectCode', 'aliases.courseNumber',


'code', 'name', 'longName',
'description', 'transcriptDescription',

If part of the search query is contained within the content of the above fields, the object will be returned in the search results.

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