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An Introduction to Coursedog Class Schedule Planning

Class Schedule Planning allows you to: 

  • Offer the right courses and the right number of seats and sections with course demand projections.
  • Enforce scheduling policies automatically at the department/scheduler level
  • Seamlessly gather instructor preference with configurable forms
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts by creating course relationships to automatically enforce policies during scheduling
  • Automatically make perfect room assignments
  • You can see a full overview of the product here

If you are an Administrator looking to set up Coursedog for the first time, the Administrator's Setup Guide to Coursedog will be helpful in providing a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to configure the platform for schedulers at your institution to be able to access its various functionalities.

If you are a Department Scheduler or other end user of the Coursedog Platform, you might find the Department Scheduler's Guide to Coursedog most helpful in learning how to navigate the platform to build and submit a schedule.

Below are some additional resources that may be helpful to you:

  • Watch a recorded demo of class schedule planning 
  • See an example of a live institution's documentation to train end users here and here

For commonly asked question, be sure to refer to our FAQ page.

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