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Setting Up Committees


Coursedog allows you to define curriculum committees to be associated with meeting agendas. Administrators will be able to performs the following tasks

  • View a list of Committees
  • Create a Committees
  • View Committees details
  • Create an Agenda for the Committee
  • Delete a Committee


View Committees

Head over to the committee Tab to view your institution's committees.

Create a New Committee

To create a new committee click on "Add Committee" button from the list view.

Here you'll be able to define a committee. You will be prompted for the following information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Members
  • Effective Start Date
  • Effective End Date
  • Status 

View Committee Details

Here you'll be able to view and edit the details associated with the existing committees. It includes basic meeting information, attendees, and status. 

Committees & Agendas

On the Agenda tab you will be able to view any Agendas associated with the committee, create a new agenda for the committee, or delete it. Clicking on an existing Agenda will take you to the agenda details screen.

Create an Agenda

Create a new Agenda for the committee by clicking on "Add Agenda" 

Deleting a Committee

You can remove, or delete an existing committee by clicking on the "Delete Committee" button. You will be prompted before it is removed.

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