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Banner - Rules for Sections

Due to specific rules that Banner has with regards to creating and updating objects, certain rules must be abided in order for data to be accepted by Banner. This article will serve as a guide to ensure that your CourseDog changes are persisted without a hitch. 



As a Banner school, when performing Section creation and Section updates in CourseDog the following requirements must be satisfied.

Attribute Mappings for Campus

Ensure the "Attribute Mappings for Campus" are configured correctly in the Admin console.  Adding Sections and Rooms to the "Associated Types" list will synchronize the Campus field value for Sections and Rooms.  Integration Attribute Mappings map the "SIS Codes" which Banner sends, and expects to receive, to the "Coursedog Field Option." "Coursedog Field Options" are the values shown to users in the Coursedog application.

Integration Attribute Mappings - Campus

Integration Attribute Mappings - Campus


"Campus" must be specified for all Sections. This can be guaranteed by designating "Campus" as required in the Section template.

Campus - Section template

Campus - Section template


Section hours must be within the Course hours range.  This means the values for each field must be equal to, or less than, the max value, and equal to, or greater than, the min value set at the Course level. 

This applies to:

  • Lecture Hours
  • Lab Hours
  • Other Hours
  • Billing Hours
  • Credit Hours
  • Contact Hours
The default "Credit Range Conflict" Rule should be enabled and made required to prevent credit violations.

Credits - Section Form

Credits - Section form

Part Of Term - Required

"Part Of Term" must be specified for all Sections.  This can be guaranteed by designating "Part Of Term" as required in the Section template.

Not sure how to configure templates? Check out this article for more information. 

Part Of Term - Section template

Part Of Term - Section template

Part Of Term - Section template

Part Of Term - Section template

Part Of Term - Update

"Part Of Term" can only be changed if:

  • No meetings are assigned
  • No enrollments exist
  • The Section is not "Open Learning"

The following error will be returned if you attempt to change the "Part of Term" when any of the above are true:

"Cannot change Part-of-Term fields when enrollments or meeting times exist, or when section is Open Learning."

For example, "Part Of Term" shown below in yellow cannot be changed for this Section because "Section Type" is set to "Open Learning".  This Section also has a "Meeting Pattern" set, and currently has "Actual Enrollments".

Section Type - Edit Section

Section Type - Edit Section

Actual Enrollment - Enrollment Settings

Actual Enrollment - Enrollment Settings

Seats Available Count

For updated Sections, the existing "Seat Available Count" is automatically returned to your SIS. For new Sections, CourseDog automatically sends a default value of "0" for the "Seats Available Count. Note, the "Seats Available Count" is not visible in the Section interface.

Section Number

The "Section Number" for each Section must be 3 characters or less. This can be ensured by setting the "Section Number" field "Max number of characters" to 3 within the Section template, and marking "Section Number" as "Is required."

Section Number - Section Template

Section Number - Section template

All "Section Numbers" must be unique within the course.  Coursedog has built-in rules that prevent schedulers from accidentally creating or updating "Section Numbers" that conflict with other Sections.

If your Banner instance requires section numbers to begin with a "0" you may wish to "Specify the number of leading zeros for default Section Number" as shown below.

Leading Zeros - Section Template

Leading Zeros - Section Template

If your Banner instance does not allow the "Section Number" to be edited simply deselect "Editable" in "Question Settings".

Section Type

The "Section Type" of a Section can only be changed if no meetings are assigned.  To change the "Section Type," you must first remove all meetings from the Section.  For example, the meeting shown here in red must be removed before the "Section Type" can be changed:

Section Type - Edit Section

Section Type - Edit Section

Banner Rules for Meetings

Click here to view Banner Rules for Meetings.

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