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Common SIS Merge Errors and Resolutions

Student Information Systems have many rules and requirements with regards to creating and updating objects. As such, when Coursedog Class Scheduling updates (section data primarily) are merged with the SIS through our integrations certain requirements must be met in order for data to be accepted, otherwise, a merge error may occur. 


The Coursedog team is committed to documenting all known SIS requirements and sharing those with our partners to ensure best practice set-up of system rules, merge settings, section template settings, etc. in our platform to avoid as many merge issues as possible automatically. 


However, some common merge issues may not currently benefit from a configuration prevention or be set up for prevention presently in your instance. Please find these documented, by each SIS available, for your reference below. These guides can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.  

Monitoring your merge error reports regularly (after nightly syncs or once a week during active scheduling) is recommended to catch and resolve these issues. If you are not utilizing real-time or nightly syncs (and relying on manual POSTs instead) Coursedog recommends performing regular POSTs throughout the active scheduling cycle to catch any merge errors that may be occuring and giving your team at least 2 weeks between the end of scheduling and when POSTs should be finalized in your SIS to resolve any merge errors. 

It is recommended that Admins and Super Admins also have the "View Section Integration Status" permission enabled (under Roles) in order to take advantage of viewing the Integration Errors report in the Reporting console. 

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