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TEMPLATES: FAQs & Troubleshooting

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Does the Course Schedule Card pull data only from Coursedog or can this pull from the SIS?

  • This prebuilt card pulls data from Coursedog.

  • It doesn’t pull data directly from your SIS. It is assumed merges in Academic Scheduling would bring that data into Coursedog.

  • If you’re looking at future terms that aren’t in Coursedog yet, the card will not show them because the data has to exist in Coursedog for it to be shown. 

Can you auto-populate the Course/Program Long Title with the (short) Course/Program Title?


Yep! You can do this through actions.

How to Do It

Step 1: Navigate to the Course or Program Template.

Step 2: 

  • If editing the Course Template, ensure “Course Title” and “Course Long Title” are both on your template.

  • If editing the Program Template, ensure “Program Title” and “Program Long Title” are both on your template.

Step 3: Click into the Course/Program “Long Title” to open its Question Settings.

Step 4: Click “+ Add Action”.

Step 5: Set up the action as follows: 

  • Field Group = Form

  • Field = Course (or Program) Title

  • Requirement = Is Not Empty 

  • Then = Update Field Value

  • To = $_0

Notable Nuance

  • If you have the Long Title default from the Short Title; populate the Short Title; edit the Long Title; and then change Short Title AGAIN, the action will be re-triggered.

  • In other words, if you’re thinking about using this method, be sure to test it to make sure you’re OK with this nuance. 

Additional Note

  • $_0 is for copying TEXT fields.

  • There’s a different “hack” for populating NUMBER fields: Copy numeric value from A > B = 9876543210


Course Schedule Card Doesn’t Display in Proposal


The Course Template’s “Course Schedule Card” enables the course schedule to appear when viewing a course. 

Problem Overview

You see something to the effect of “Course Does Not Exist” under “Course Schedule” on a proposal. 

Solution Overview

This is expected functionality due to how information is fetched from Academic Scheduling and displayed in proposals. You should still be able to see the schedule within the course itself. 

Odd Behavior within the Course or Program Template


If you experience odd behavior within the course or program template, we advise that the administrator first evaluate dynamic actions to see if any actions have been defined that would cause the behavior. 

Evaluating Dynamic Actions

An admin can evaluate dynamic actions by selecting a field, scrolling to the bottom of the question settings overlay, then looking to see if actions have been defined. If any have been defined for that field, they will appear.

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