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PROPOSALS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

Table of Contents
What happens to a course after a “delete course” proposal is approved?
“No Programs Found” When Creating a Proposal
Name for Proposal is Showing Up As "Program Not Found"
Duplicate Requests Created
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What happens to a course after a “delete course” proposal is approved?


  • Once a “delete course” proposal is approved, Coursedog will delete the revision of the course that was specified on the form. 

  • The course as a whole will continue to exist in Coursedog.

  • Integrated customers will still need to delete the revision in their SIS; otherwise, it will return after the next nightly merge. 

  • Learn more here.

To Remove a Course

Overview | Inactivating a Course | Deleting a Course Entirely


If you wish to remove a course entirely – and not just a particular revision – you can either inactivate it or delete it. 

Inactivating a Course

  • Inactivating a course will allow you to retain the course record.

  • To inactivate a course, use the “Edit Course” form/proposal and change “Status” from “active” to “inactive” in the proposal. 

  • If a course is inactivated, you will still see those courses in course sets, requirements, and dependencies even if inactive courses are filtered out of the catalog. In order to ensure it doesn’t appear, you will need to remove it from course sets and requirements in Curriculum.

Deleting a Course Entirely

  • To delete a course entirely, you will need to go into the SIS and delete it there once the proposal has been approved. 

  • Depending on your merge settings, the course might then also be removed from Coursedog after the next nightly merge. 

  • However, if you’ve configured Coursedog as the default source of truth for Courses in Curriculum Management, you will need to delete the course in Coursedog AFTER deleting it in the SIS. This is typically the case for Banner.

  • If you are unsure, check with your Customer Success contact. 


“No Programs Found” When Creating a Proposal

Problem Overview

You’re attempting to select a program to copy for a proposal but see “No programs found” in the dropdown when attempting to search for an existing program. 


This is likely related to effective dating. Change the start term in the proposal from empty to any current term and onward, and the programs should appear. 

Name for Proposal is Showing Up As "Program Not Found"

Problem Overview | Explanation | General Solution | PeopleSoft Solution

Problem Overview

The name for a proposal is showing up as “Program Not Found”.


The title of the request pulls from the name field in Coursedog. If that's not on the template, then the request name will show up as “Program Not Found”. 

General Solution

Add the prebuilt field for Program Title (Question Id = “name”) to the form and template.

PeopleSoft Solution

  • For PeopleSoft, the Question Id for “Program Title” uses “longName”. 

  • For the above solution to work for PeopleSoft, you will still need to add the prebuilt “name” field, but you will also need to configure it to be a copy of whatever value is populated for longName. You can accomplish this by using actions (note that the linked article walks you through populating the longName with the name, whereas what you will want to do here is the reverse). 

  • If you don’t want the field to appear on the form, you can hide it by unchecking “visible” in the field’s Question Settings. 

Duplicate Requests Created

Problem Overview

A user only intended to create a single request/proposal but multiple requests are appearing. 


The cause and solution for this is the same in every Coursedog product. Go here for details.

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