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In-App Help

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Freshdesk Widget
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  • Our products include tooltips in those places where users have historically asked the most questions.

  • Each tooltip is denoted by an “i” icon. The below screenshot, for example, shows five “i” icons on the Requests Dashboard in Academic Scheduling. 

Using Tooltips

  • To see the content of a tooltip, simply hover over it – no clicking required.

  • Each tooltip includes guidance on the feature it’s anchored to.

  • Most but not all tooltips also link out to relevant documentation. In the below screenshot, for example, clicking “here” in “Learn more here” will open a help center article in a pop-up window.

  • Pop-up windows can be moved and/or re-sized – whatever works best for you.




Overview | Activating Flows | Available Flows


  • Flows (also known as “walk-throughs”) walk you step-by-step through various processes. Each step contains a tooltip that explains what you need to do to complete that step.

  • Optional steps will be labeled as such, along with directions on how to skip. 

  • When your flow is on a longer page with a scrollbar, you will need to scroll down to continue to see subsequent steps.

  • Which flow step you start on will depend on where you are when you activate it. 


Activating Flows 

Flows can be activated in two different ways: 


The first three times you complete an action related to the flow – selecting “+ Approval Workflow” in this example – that will trigger a pop-up that asks if you’d like assistance with the process. If you don’t want help now but might in the future, click the “X” or “Skip”. If you’re an advanced user and don’t want to see the pop-up again, check the “Don’t show me again” box. 



OPTION B (In-App Guides Widget)

  • Flows will always be accessible via our “In-App Guides” widget – even if you clicked “Don’t show me again” on the pop-up. 

  • Just keep in mind the widget and relevant flows will only appear when you’re on a page for which a flow exists. If there isn’t a flow for the page you’re on, the widget won’t appear at all. 
  • If you’re on the page where the flow can be triggered but haven’t yet clicked the triggering action, you will see the “In-App Guides” widget, but it will appear to be empty. In order to have the flow appear in the widget, you need to click the triggering action (typically whatever + button exists at the top of the page). Once you click that action –  e.g. “+ Add Approval Workflow”, “+ Create Request”, “+ New Rule”, “+ Add Event Type”, and “+ Add Form” – the flow will appear in the widget. 

Available Flows

You can find a full list of flows available in-app here



  • Beacons are used to temporarily call out major platform enhancements.

  • They can take the appearance of a glowing dot or a word such as “NEW!”

How They Work

  • Whenever a beacon has been added to a page, it will appear the first three times a user visits that page.

  • Hover over it to view its content (generally, a brief explanation highlighting the change and linking to an article with more information). 

  • Click the beacon to make it disappear.

  • It should disappear for good after 3 interactions (including hover).

Freshdesk Widget


  • There is a “Resources” button in the top, right-hand cover of the User Interface.

  • When clicked, a help widget will appear that allows you to ask any question or enter any keyword to locate related help center articles without leaving our platform.

  • You can also report issues via the “Need support?” option. 

Window Size Consideration

Although unlikely, it is possible for the widget to potentially block other content in your UI, depending on the size of your browser window and what you are trying to access. If this happens, try the following solutions: 

  • If your browser window is currently maximized, try reducing browser size. This will force the widget into the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

  • If your browser window isn’t maximized, maximize it. This will force the widget into the upper right-hand corner or your screen. 

  • If you still cannot access what you need, zoom in or out using the ctrl +/- (Windows) and cmd +/- (Mac) keys. 

Help Center

On the top right of the User Interface, there is also a "HELP CENTER" link. When you select this, a new browser tab will open, and you will be directed to our support page, where you can search articles and open a support ticket.  


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