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Configurable Course and Program Search

Table of Contents 

Configuring Search Templates
Supported Search Fields/Options 
Public Facing Catalog Considerations and Best Practices 
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PATH: Catalog > Settings > Sidebar Search Filter

  • Institutions with both Contemporary Catalog and Curriculum Management can use configurable search to create custom search filters for program and course pages within their catalogs.

  • The templates within your Curriculum module inform the filter options. 

Configuring Search Templates

Caveat | How to Do It | Previewing Your Template | Assigning Search Templates to Catalog


Curriculum program and course templates should be configured before creating configurable search templates. Not doing so will result in dysfunction of the search. If you update your Curriculum program and course page templates with new fields you would like to include in configurable search, a new configurable template must be created in Catalog.


How to Do It

Step 1: Click “New Filter Template”. 

Step 2: Input a name.


Step 3: Select a “type” (Course or Program) from the dropdown.


Step 4: Click “Create”. 


Step 5: Drag and drop “available data sources” (filters) from the left onto the  Sidebar Facets List on the right. 


Step 6: Click into the field to access its “Question Settings”.


Step 7: 

  • Select your preferred Interface Element Type.

  • Several Interface Element Types are available, but specific options vary depending on the question type. 

  • For example, the following Interface Element Types – “radiobutton list” and “dropdown” – are supported by the “Select” question type.

Step 8: 

  • Select the “Data Sets” toggle.

  • You can dynamically filter options via these “data sets”.


Step 9: Confirm field visibility.


Step 10: 

  • Confirm whether or not you would like for the field to include an informative tooltip on the public-facing catalog.

  • If enabled, fill out the tooltip text box with a brief description of the information provided by the chosen filter. This will appear on the public facing catalog. 


Edit Mode

Public-Facing Catalog

Previewing Your Template

You can preview the appearance of filters within the configuration by selecting the “preview” button.

Assigning Search Templates to Catalog

Once your search template(s) have been configured, you will want to assign them to a catalog by following the below steps: 

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Settings > Catalogs.

  2. Select the Catalog you wish to add the search templates to. This will open the “Edit Catalog” modal.

  3. Select your template(s) from the “Catalog Courses Page Search Configuration” and/or “Catalog Program Page Search Configuration”. 

  4. Click “Save”.

Supported Search Fields/Options 

Within configurable search, partners can use the following fields from Curriculum Management templates “out of the box”. We expect these fields to cover most use cases. 








Can Schedule





Degree Designation(s)



Grade Mode

Field of Study 

Graded Component

Program Academic Focus

Instruction Mode

Program Attributes 

Primary Component

Program Career Categories 

Start Term/End Term 

Program Interests 

Subject Code 

Program Level 




Public Facing Catalog Considerations and Best Practices 

Dropdowns | Checklists | Radio Buttons

Dropdowns give users the ability to select one option from an extended list.



Checklists are multi-select, which means users can select more than one option if they so choose.


Edit Mode

Public-Facing Catalog

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons give users the ability to only select one option from an available list.


Edit Mode

Public-Facing Catalog

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