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Banner Integration

As an Ellucian Certified Partner, Coursedog has built a tight, bi-directional integration to both GET and POST schedule & curriculum planning data into Banner.  For a link to a forwardable slide deck detailing the SIS integration architecture, go here

Coursedog is able to have a tight bi-directional, controllable, nightly sync with Banner 9, and is building a closer to realtime integration with Ellucian Ethos. We do not require partners to use Ethos to integrate with our system, and in most cases advise against it. 

Coursedog’s integration process begins with our partners reviewing our Banner data workbook, which details the fields that we normally GET and POST for our Banner integration. If there are any customizations required to the initial build, your Customer Success Rep should be able to advise whether or not these are possible. 

A list of the fields we GET is outlined below:

A list of fields we POST is outlined below:

For a reference on this process, feel free to contact one of our Banner customers such as John Reina, CIO at SUNY New Paltz,

To see the grant scripts for establishing the schema, setting up the Service Account, installing objects, and establishing permissions, go here

For additional info on the Gateway/Dataport and Timeline for SIS integration, see the following article detailing setup and configuration of the IIG. For HECVAT on the Gateway, see here

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