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Coursedog Change Request & Professional Services Process


  • Coursedog is committed to innovating on its product roadmap and providing value through new features free of charge.

  • However, occasionally institutions have needs for product development that are not within our scope of services or near-term product roadmap. An institution may use the Change Request Process to ask for dedicated development resources to build such features. 

Change Request Process

  • Our professional services team – led by a product manager/solutions engineer – will work with your team to understand the business problem and solve it: either by building a product feature or by intensive business process consulting on how the business problem can best be solved using our existing product.

  • Coursedog reserves the right to accept or reject such requests via the change request process. We are not a custom development software company, and generally try to stay away from one-off features. However, more often than not, we are able to find solutions to business problems that are applicable to a larger user base. It is also worth noting that our professional development team will only take on features that we believe are not on our short-term roadmap or within our scope of services. 

Next Steps

Please work with your Account Manager, Project Manager, or Customer Success Manager (depending on whoever your primary Coursedog contact is) if you’d like to discuss this further. 

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