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Coursedog Application Responsiveness

Coursedog's public facing interface provides a well supported responsive app. It provides a smooth experience across all screen sizes, including iPhone 8+ and on tablets such as iPads. The following document serves to breakdown our responsiveness by product:

Public Catalog & Events

The public catalog and events application involve the online catalog and master public calendar. These applications are fully responsive across both tablet & mobile devices. 

Internal Catalog, Curriculum, Schedule & Events Application. 

All of Coursedog's internal applications are available for use on desktop & smaller screen devices like tablets. Note that on tablet there are a couple of known issues, such as a content width limitation due to a redundant sidebar & untruncated long texts. However the application still can perform all main functions on tablets despite these limitations. However, due to some of these limitations, we do not recommend using heavyset internal features such as the scheduling optimizer on mobile devices.

Commitment to Responsiveness

Coursedog is committed to creating a fully responsive design across all of its products in the immediate future. We are open to all customer feedback regarding the responsiveness of our application. 

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