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Coursedog Application Accessibility

Table of Contents

Public Catalog Accessibility
Online Catalog Accessibility Audits
Current Internal Applications Accessibility Breaches
Commitment to Remediation
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  • Accessibility plays a crucial role in the design of public-facing sites that Coursedog can help you create (e.g. Course Catalog and Events sites), and we prioritize Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 compliance for those.

    • Coursedog has a full-time UX designer that reviews all changes for usability and accessibility on a regular monthly cadence.

    • Each item is tested for accessibility during initial prototyping, during development, and during final QA.

    • We are committed to obtaining a VPAT in 2023, starting with Catalog. As we are meeting WCAG 2.1 standards pretty well and that methodology is one of VPAT's acceptance criteria, we don’t foresee any difficulties with obtaining this.

  • We also cover a large part of accessibility standards in our internal applications, and major application flows/jobs can be performed by all groups of users.

    • In 2023, we will begin assessing our general accessibility and building a backlog of necessary improvements.

  • We partner with clients if/when they raise accessibility concerns.

Public Catalog Accessibility


  • Our public course catalog has accessible keyboard-based navigation support.

  • Users can browse the public website and use all controls just by using their keyboard.

  • Screen reader support is also accessible; all the labeling is appropriate and understandable.

Additional Considerations

  • The public-facing Catalog page is customizable which means good color contrast will depend on the school's choice of theme and their official colors.

  • If you run into any color contrast issues as a result of your chosen theme/colors, reach out to your Customer Success representative or submit a support ticket for help achieving the best possible contrast without compromising too much of your preferred theme.

Online Catalog Accessibility Audits

Overview | Google Lighthouse | WebAIM WAVE Report


Catalog pages created in Coursedog have been audited for accessibility by respected third-party tools. See below for results. 

Google Lighthouse


Program List Page

Program Page

Course List Page

Course Page

Custom Page

WebAIM WAVE Report

Current Internal Applications Accessibility Breaches

  • Coursedog is aware that there are minor current accessibility breaches on heavyset parts of the internal Coursedog user interface (UI).

  • For example, when administrators run tasks such as the Section Optimizer, we found some "icon only" buttons lack proper labeling for screen readers (such as course material delete buttons inside the Section Editor modal).

  • Some items that are expandable lack proper "state" labeling for screen readers so the users might have trouble understanding if the item is expandable/expanded or not. This is in the process of being fixed through proper aria attributes. 

Commitment to Remediation

Above all, Coursedog prioritizes fixes to all accessibility breaches and expects to obtain a VPAT showing full compliance across all applications in the near future.

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