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Resetting Passwords

Table of Contents

Resetting a User’s Password (Admins Only)
Resetting Your Own Password
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Whether a user remembers their password and just wants to change it or they’ve forgotten it altogether and need an admin to reset it, this article explains next steps.

Resetting a User’s Password (Admins Only)

PATH: Product > Settings > Users

  1. Navigate to the above path and select the user whose password you wish to reset.

  2. Copy the link address for “Reset password link” under the user’s name.

  3. Open a browser window that doesn’t currently have an active Coursedog session.

  4. Paste the link into the address bar.

  5. Input a new password.

  6. Confirm new password.

  7. Click “Change password”.

You (and the user) should then be all set.

Additional Notes

If preferred, you can send the “reset password link” to the user, for them to reset the password themselves. 

Resetting Your Own Password

If you have been locked out of your account, contact your institution's admin for help resetting. If you haven’t been locked out of your account and wish to reset your password, you can do that by following the below instructions.

Step One: Go to “Account Settings” from anywhere in our platform. 

Step Two: Type your current password into the field under “Reset Password.”

Step Three: Hit “continue”.

Step Four: Type in your new password and confirm. 

Step Five: Click “Change Password”.

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