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Integration Saved States

The Merge Settings dashboard in the Admin console has a "Saved States" tab:

Note: Only one saved state may be enabled at a given time. The enabled saved state will have its settings applied to both nightly and real time merges.

Each saved state has its own version history:

When editing merge settings, you can select which saved state you are editing:

You can save changes to a saved state that is currently not enabled.

When executing a manual merge, you can have the settings default from one of the existing saved states:

Each saved state can also be applied to a specific phase:

To learn more about Schedule Phases please see our Schedule Phases article

An important nuance - as each phase is applied to a term, setting a saved state to a phase only changes the settings for the term-specific merge endpoints (i.e. sections, courses, relationships). This will not affect in any way the merge endpoints that are term-agnostic (i.e. instructors, rooms, buildings, etc.).

Many schools with integrations enabled may automatically have a "default" save state created (to learn more about your institution's saved state review your Merge Settings in your Admin console or contact your Coursedog customer services team).

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