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Handling Client-Scheduled Maintenance

Table of Contents

Disabling Your Coursedog Integration
Re-Enabling Your Integration
Additional Note
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If your institution’s Student Information System (SIS) has a planned outage, you should disable your Coursedog integration prior to the start of maintenance to avoid any errors. 

Disabling Your Coursedog Integration

Follow these steps to disable your Coursedog integration. 


Step 1

  • Inform Coursedog of your scheduled outage by emailing or opening a support ticket

  • Your communication should indicate which instance(s) will be undergoing maintenance as well as the timeframe. 


Step 2

Navigate to the Admin Console for the environment(s) that will be under maintenance.

Step 3

Select “Merge Settings” from the left-hand menu.


Step 4

If you use a Nightly Integration Schedule, set “Should merges run nightly?” to “NO”.

Step 5

If you use a Real-Time Integration Schedule, set “Should merges run in real-time?” to “NO”.

Step 6

After adjusting the integration(s), remember to hit “SAVE” at the top of the Merge Settings page.

Step 7

Refresh your page and check settings to verify the integration(s) are set to “NO”.


Step 8 

  • Click the “Activity” tab under “Merge Settings”. 

  • At the bottom of Merge Settings Activity, use the “Click Enter to comment’ field to add a comment to the Activity noting that the integration(s) have been disabled and reference any related communication (e.g. the email to tech support) that has been sent to Coursedog.

  • Make sure you hit “enter” after typing your comment.

  • Comments will appear in blue, as shown below.

  • If you do not complete this step, Coursedog will often add this note for you.

Re-Enabling Your Integration

  • You will want to re-enable your integration after maintenance has ended.

  • This can be done by following Steps 2-7 above, but ensuring the integration(s) you use have been toggled back to “Yes”.

  • You can also add an optional comment under merge settings activity (similar to Step 8 above) to confirm the integration has been re-enabled. 

Additional Note

While the Coursedog integration is disabled, it is expected that any updates made in Coursedog during or within the Scheduled Maintenance timeframe will not propagate to the SIS.

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