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Coursedog Workday Student Integration

Coursedog has built a real time integration for both schedule & curriculum planning data from Workday. Our solutions is built to follow Workday integration best practices. All data exchanges are handled through Workday's community APIS (REST). See the Workday API source of truth document for a list of fields and objects that are currently supported.

Requirements & Assumptions

Coursedog assumes you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Institution is using corresponding baseline Workday Student processes and data structures (e.g. Course Scheduling, Course and Program inventory)
    • The Institution is responsible to meet the needs of their specific environment.
  • Institution to provide Coursedog access to the Workday APIs (e.g. Get_Maintained_Academic_Periods).
    • Coursedog to provide a list of APIs upon request.
  • Ability to whitelist IPs as needed for Test and Production (if needed)
    **Coursedog supports an industry standard transfer protocol for both approaches. All transmissions will be handled over SSL so no need for you to open any additional ports (443).

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