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MEETING PATTERNS: Setting Up Exam Meeting Patterns

Table of Contents

How to Do It
Exam Meeting Pattern Fields
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  • Exam meeting patterns are used to define what time and date combinations are allowed for exams.

  • Exam meeting patterns are created outside of the Exam Optimizer but can only be assigned via the optimizer.

  • Learn more about the Exam Optimizer here

How to Do It

  1. Navigate to Academic Scheduling > Settings > Meeting Patterns > Exam Meeting Patterns.

  2. Click “+ Add Exam Meeting Pattern”. 

  3. Fill out all fields (see “Exam Meeting Pattern Fields” section below for details). 

  4. Click “Add”. 

Exam Meeting Pattern Fields

Overview | Use Exam Date Period | Exam Period Date Number | Start Time
End time | Associated Standard Meeting Patterns
 | Exam Room Mappings


Each exam meeting pattern is comprised of the following fields:

Use Exam Date Period

If Toggled “Off”

You will be prompted to enter a date.

If Toggled “On”

You will be prompted to enter the “Exam Period Date Number”.

Exam Period Date Number

  • The purpose of the Exam Period Date Number is so that when setting up Exam Meeting Patterns, users do not have to set up a new meeting pattern for each term or part of term.

  • Utilizing the Exam Period Date Number allows the specific dates associated with each meeting pattern to be dynamic.

  • You can see this in the following examples: 

    • If a section is in Fall 2020, with an Exam Period of Nov 23rd–Nov 27th, then an Exam Period Date Number of 1 corresponds to the first date in that Exam Period,  Nov 23rd. An Exam Period Date Number of 2 corresponds to the second date in that Exam Period, Nov 24th.

    • If a section is in Fall 2020, in the Half Session part of term with an Exam Period of Oct 12th–Nov 16th, then an Exam Period Date Number of “3” corresponds to the third date in that Exam Period,  Oct 14th.

Start Time

Start time of the exam.

End time

End time of the exam.

Associated Standard Meeting Patterns

  • The list of standard meeting patterns map to this exam meeting pattern. This mapping is used by the optimizer.

  • For example: If a section meets during the academic calendar on Mon, Wed, from 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m., then the optimizer will assign it to an exam on Aug 5, 2020, from 7 a.m.–8 a.m.

Exam Room Mappings

This field defines what rooms the optimizer should assign to the exam meeting pattern. There are two ways to define this mapping: using the same room or specific room mapping.

Using the Same Room

  • Indicate the exam will be in the same room as the academic meetings. 

  • This is the default setting if no specific mappings are set up.

Specific Room Mappings

Indicate a specific mapping, e.g. if the academic meeting is in Room 1, then the exam should be in Room 2.

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