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MEETING PATTERNS: Setting Up TBA Standard Meetings (Integrated Customers)

Table of Contents

Setup Instructions

Hiding “Select TBA” Buttons
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  • When a section needs to have a meeting assigned, but the days and times are either unknown or should not be specified, you should assign a standard meeting pattern that captures a “No Days, No Times” scenario.

  • This article outlines how to set up a standard meeting pattern for a “No Days, No Times” scenario for integrated schools. 

  • It is important for integrated environments that the instructions below are followed in order to ensure correct communication with the SIS. Student Information Systems expect and communicate TBA meetings to be sent and received as a “no days, no times” meeting record.


Setup Instructions

Step 1: Navigate to Scheduling > Settings > Meeting Patterns.

Step 2: Select “Add Standard Meeting Pattern Group”.

Step 3: 

  • Make sure your new group matches the configuration shown below.

  • “Name” should be “No Days - No Times - TBA”.

  • Description: “This meeting pattern should be used for all meetings that have no days or times or are TBA”. 


Step 4: Click “Add Group”.

Step 5: Find the meeting pattern group you just created and click “+ Meeting Pattern” to add a meeting pattern to it.

Step 6: Remove the start and end time by clicking into the hour, minute, and AM/PM and deleting each default. 


Step 7: 

  • Add attributes as shown below (i.e. “TBA” and “No Days No Times”) by manually typing them in.

  • The attributes you add are what the scheduler can enter as search keywords to find this meeting pattern.


Step 8: Click “Add”.


How It Appears

Your new meeting pattern and group will look like the below screenshot.


What Schedulers Do

When schedulers are assigning a meeting pattern to a section, they can search for the “No Days No Times” meeting pattern using keywords in the “Filter By Attributes” box that match the meeting attributes you specified.


What Schedulers See

Once the “No Days No Times” meeting pattern is assigned to a section, it will display as shown here.

Hiding “Select TBA” Buttons


  • If you see a “Select TBA” button in your section editing modal but are an integrated school using the method suggested above, an admin at your institution should hide “Select TBA” to avoid confusion and prevent end users from selecting it.

  • The “Select TBA” method is only recommended for non-integrated schools and doesn’t in any way connect to the “No Days - No Times - TBA” meeting pattern group.

  • Note if you don’t see “Room Select TBA” and/or “Times Select TBA” on your template, reach out to your Coursedog contact to ask that it be added so that you can properly configure its visibility. 

How to Hide the “Select TBA” Button

Step 1: Navigate to Scheduling > Settings > Templates > Section Template.

Step 2: Locate the “Meeting Patterns & Rooms” card and click into its “Nested Field Settings”.

Step 3: Click into the “Room Select TBA” and “Times Select TBA” fields to access the settings for each.

Step 4: Ensure each “Visible” box is NOT checked in order to hide these options in the section editing modal.  

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