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INSTRUCTORS: Viewing & Editing Instructor Profiles

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Related Permissions
Instructors Tab
Instructor Profile
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If permissions allow, you can view and/or edit an instructor’s information and status, assigned courses, teaching load and more in their profile. 

Related Permissions

  • The ability to view and edit instructor profiles is tied to the “View Instructor Profile” and “Edit Instructors” permissions, respectively.

  • If you are unable to view or edit an instructor profile and think you should be, please reach out to a Coursedog admin at your institution. 

Instructors Tab

  • When you navigate to Academic Scheduling > Instructors, you’ll see a list of all instructors at your institution. 

  • On this page you can:

    1. Change the selected term and/or add filters to change the list of instructors that is displayed.

    2. Use the “change view” button to view the instructor according to either their sections or preferences.

    3. Search for instructors.

    4. Edit preferences.

    5. Access the instructor’s profile. 

Instructor Profile

Overview | Personal | Courses | Teaching Load


PATH: Academic Scheduling > Instructors > Show Profile

The instructor profile includes three tabs: personal, courses, and teaching load. 


  • This is where you go if you need to view and/or change instructor information. 

  • Available information – and whether or not it is editable – will vary depending on how your institution has set up the instructor template. 


  • View assigned sections for the selected term. 

  • You can change the term using the dropdown menu on the main Instructors page (Academic Scheduling > Instructors). 

Teaching Load

Assigned Load

  • This tab shows you the currently assigned load, broken down by different units (e.g. credit hours, lab hours, etc.). 

  • The assigned load should auto-populate based on section assignments, so long as the displayed units are on your institution’s Section Template. If you’re using min/max on any credit fields, this won’t auto-populate. 

  • Note that load in Coursedog might not align with how your institution calculates load. Coursedog will simply aggregate load across an instructor’s sections and does not have dynamic calculations at this time.

Expected Load

  • You can manually edit the expected load on this page by clicking into the field and typing and/or using the up/down arrows. 

  • This field doesn’t have any downstream functionality and is primarily used to monitor the actual teaching load against what was/is expected. 

  • We recommend all permissions related to “Instructor Load” be set to “Deny” due to the lack of downstream functionality. 

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