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FILTERS: Schedule Filtering

Table of Contents

How To Do It
Reading Results
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Schedule filtering options allow Department Schedulers to see certain segments of the schedule or quickly narrow down what appears in the Section Dashboard.

How To Do It

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Section Dashboard


Step 1: Click the drill icon on the top-right corner of the page to open advanced filters.

Step 2: Click “+ Add Filter”.


Step 3: 

  • Input the attributes, filter, and value you wish to apply.

  • If on the courses tab, you can filter for seven course fields. 

  • If on the sections tab, you can filter for over 80 course and section fields.

  • Building a filter includes selecting one of 12 options (“filters” in the below screenshot), such as “contains” and “is”.

    • Note that “is” looks for exact matches. 

    • Unless the value you enter is EXACTLY what you are hoping to filter for, we recommend using “contains” to avoid unintentionally filtering out sections/courses.

    • For example, if you are filtering for instructors but some sections have more than one instructor, a filter that says “Instructors is Henry Thoreau” will only return sections where Henry Thoreau is the sole instructor. If Henry Thoreau teaches a section where another instructor is also assigned, that section would only appear if the filter you built said, “Instructors contains Henry Thoreau”. 

  • The section attributes you see will depend on which fields an admin added to your section template.

  • You can also filter based on custom fields, but they will appear as the alphanumeric Question ID (which an admin can identify by cross-referencing with the Section Template).

  • The exact filters you see will depend on the selected attribute. 


Step 4 (Optional): 

  • Select “+ Add Filter” to add multiple filters to the same search.

  • A new row will be added and the Operator selector will become available where you will be able to choose between AND / OR logic.


Available Attributes & Filters

Attributes List

Course Attributes

Course Code

Course Description

Course Name

Course Notes

Course Status


Section Roll

Actual Enrollment

Actual Waitlist

Allow Integration

Billing Hours

Blind Grading



Census Date

Contact Hours

Course Count

Credit Hours


Cross-Listed Courses


Delivery Mode


Drop Consent


End Date

Enrollment Capacity

Exam Seat Spacing

Final Exam Type

Free Format Topic


Grade Mode

Ignore Double Bookings

Ignore Relationships

Instruction Mode

Instructor Edit


Lab Hours

Lecture Hours


Maximum Credit Hours

Meeting Pattern Code

Meeting Type

Minimum Credit Hours

Minimum Enrollment

Minimum Room Capacity

Object Merge Settings

Optimize Rooms

Optimizer Priority

Other Hours

Part of Term

Preferred Building

Preferred Buildings

Preferred Room Capacity

Preferred Room Features

Preferred Room Type

Preferred Rooms

Print Topic on Transcript

Registration Mode

Registration Other Restrictions

Registration Restrictions

Requirement Designation

Requirement Group


Rule Exceptions

Schedule Print

Schedule Type

Section Attributes

Section Name

Section Notes

Section Number

Section Requirements

Section Status

Special Approval


Start Date

Times Topic


Waitlist Capacity

Wingspan Available

Filters List


Does not contain


Is Not

Is Empty

Is Not Empty

Starts With

Ends With

Longer Than

Shorter Than

Greater Than

Less Than

Step 5: Select “Apply Filter”.

Reading Results

  • If filtering on the Sections tab, results will include any sections that match the filter. 

  • If filtering on the Courses tab, results will include any courses that match the filter. 


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