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4. Assigning Instructors

4.1 Overview

Now that we have configured our sections and gathered preferences, it is time to start finalizing our sections by assigning instructors, meeting patterns and rooms. You can do this in different orders, but for our purposes, we will start by assigning instructors. One plus to starting with instructors is that you can then use the preferences for that instructor to drive the meeting pattern and room assignments. 

4.2 Assigning Instructors to Sections

Start by opening the section editor. If you are creating a new section, this is what opens when you click '+ Section.' If the section already exists, you can hover over the section number and select the blue 'Open Section Editor' button. 

From here, navigate to the ‘Instructors’ card and select ‘+ Instructor’

Another alternative to add instructors is to simply click the empty instructors field from the dropdown view of the section (shown below).

Either method will open the instructor modal where we can select the instructor best suited for our section. Instructors that are inactive for the term will not be available for assignment for sections. An inactive instructor is one who has an "Inactive" status, or whose effective dates do not cover the date range of the section. 

Instructors are intended to have associations with specific departments and can be associated with multiple departments at once. By default, only instructors associated with the course's Department will be shown (blue knob in the top left). If you want to search through the inventory of all instructors, you can click on the “All Instructors” knob. Additionally, each instructor has an 'Instructor Type' (used to differentiate between Faculty, Lecturers, Adjuncts, Teaching Assistants, or other institution-defined criteria) that can be used to filter the instructor list. If instructor type is not set, this field will default to 'Not Set.' 

You’ll notice that Coursedog automatically sorts instructors by their preference fit, allowing you to quickly see which instructors align most with the section. By hovering your mouse over the ‘i’, you can see the preference conflicts of each instructor (remember to first gather preference information).

Here, we can clearly see that Micheal Phillips is the best choice so all we have to do is click his name and he will be assigned as the instructor for the section. 

If you want to add multiple instructors or edit the advanced instructor settings, you can do so within the Instructors card in the section editor shown above.

If you want to ignore double bookings, setting the Instructor "Ignore Double bookings" flag hides all instructor double booking conflicts for that specific instructor for all meetings the instructor is assigned to.

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