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Coursedog Application Accessibility

Coursedog is committed to developing and implementing a fully WCAG 2.1 AA compliant design across its student facing applications. Coursedog is in the process of obtaining a VPAT to show our level of compliance and provide a path to remediation on any accessibility breaches across the applications. This document serves to outline Coursedog's current accessibility audits and plans for further accessibility in the future.

Online Catalog & Events Accessibility

Based on an audit from Google Lighthouse & Axe, which are respected third party tools for testing accessibility, Coursedog's public applications shows the following accessibility WCAG 2.1 grade:

WebAIM WAVE Report

AXE Report

On the public course catalog, the app has accessible keyboard-based navigation support, a user can browse the app and use all controls just by using keyboard. Screen reader support is also accessible, all the labeling is appropriate and understandable.

However, note that the app is customizable which means good color contrast support will depend on the school's choice of theme and their official colors but Coursedog dev team can help schools with this process to achieve the best possible contrast without compromising too much on the preferred theme.

Current Internal Applications Accessibility Breaches

Coursedog is aware that there are minor current accessibility breaches on heavyset parts of the internal application. For example, when administrators run tasks such as the schedule optimizer, we found some "icon only" buttons lack proper labelling for screen readers (such as course material delete buttons inside section editor modal). However, Coursedog is in the process of fixing by adding proper aria-label to the buttons. Some items that are expandable lack proper "state" labelling for screen readers so the users might have trouble understanding if the item is expandable/expanded or not. This is also in the process of being fixed through proper aria attributes.

Commitment to Remediation

Above all, Coursedog prioritizes fixes to all accessibility breaches and expects to obtain a VPAT showing full compliance across all applications in the immediate future. 

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