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SAVED VIEWS: Default and Schoolwide Saved Views

Table of Contents

Saved Views Glossary
Creating & Accessing Saved Views
Setting Your Own Default View
Defining Default Views and Schoolwide Saved Views for Others (Admins Only)


  • Admins and end users alike can create, save, and revisit “Saved Views” for the Requests, Section Dashboard, and Reports pages. 

  • All users can set a default view of the Section Dashboard. 

  • Admins have the added ability to assign default views and schoolwide saved views for the Request and Section Dashboard pages. 

Saved Views Glossary

Saved View Default View | Schoolwide Saved View 

Saved View 

A combination of filters and/or columns applied to a given page and saved (so you don’t have to re-apply the filters every time you visit the same page). 

Default View

  • What a user automatically sees when they first load a page.

  • In Academic Scheduling, an Admin can define different default views for different roles.

  • A user can also define their own default view in Account Settings. 

Schoolwide Saved View 

  • These are “Saved Views” an admin can make accessible to different roles.

  • These views are accessible to the defined roles via the “Saved Views” option.

Creating & Accessing Saved Views

  • The process for creating and accessing Saved Views is covered here

  • Note that those instructions include the ability to add columns to a table; you won’t have that option on the “Reports” page. 

Setting Your Own Default View


  • If you have saved at least one view of the Section Dashboard, you can define a default view under Account Settings. 

  • If you haven’t created and saved any views, you won’t be able to set a default view. 

How to Do It

Step 1: Click the “profile” icon in the upper right corner of any page. 

Step 2: Select “Account Settings”.

Step 3: 

  • Under “Default Views > Section Dashboard View”, select the Saved View you would like to see when you first visit the Section Dashboard.

  • The options you see will be the Saved Views you’ve created.

Defining Default Views and Schoolwide Saved Views for Others (Admins Only)

Overview | Default Views | Schoolwide Saved Views


Within the schoolwide saved views settings tab, admins can define default views and schoolwide saved views.

Default Views

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Settings > Schoolwide Saved Views > Default Views


  • When a user applies filters on the Requests Dashboard or Section Dashboard, the resultant view can be saved as a “Saved View”.

  • Those “Saved Views” will be visible on the Schoolwide Saved Views page (under “Add New Request Default View” > View or “Add New Section Dashboard Default View” > View).

  • Those with permission to view settings can define multiple sets of default views for different roles.

  • Default views control what view is displayed to a user when they view the Requests Dashboard or Section Dashboard.

  • Whatever you input here will apply to all users of a specified role who do not already have a default saved view. If a user has defined their own default view for the Scheduling Dashboard, that is what they will see.

To Add A New View

Step 1: Select a view in “view” (views that have been defined in the user’s environment are accessible here).

Step 2

  • Define “visibility”.

  • Visibility controls which roles have that default view set, allowing the user to define different default views for different user roles. Note that the same role cannot have multiple default views of the same type.

Step 3: Click “add”. 

Schoolwide Saved Views

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Settings > Schoolwide Saved Views > Schoolwide Saved Views


  • The same role can have multiple schoolwide saved views assigned to it. 

  • Once these views have been added for a role, all users with that role will be able to access the view(s) in “saved views” in the relevant dashboard (requests or section). These views will appear with the label “Schoolwide View”.

How to Do It

  1. Make sure you’ve selected the “Schoolwide Saved Views” tab at the top of the page. 

  2. Users can define schoolwide saved views in the same manner as they do default views: Define a “view”, define “visibility”, then click “add”.

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