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Ellucian Degree Works Integration

Table of Contents

Scribe Generator
Course Demand Projections (CDP)
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  • Coursedog has a multi-faceted integration with Degree Works across different products.

  • Course Demand Projections makes use of Degree Works audit data (GET only) for its demand projections.

  • In Curriculum Management, our “Scribe Generator” makes it easy to export requirements into the Degree Works application. 

  • We follow best practices around architecture and security and do not store any Tier 1 personal identifiable information.

  • Coursedog is an Ellucian partner and won the 2021 Ellucian Rising Star Partner of the Year Award.


Our integration with Degree Works requires the following: 

  • You must be using Degree Works release 5.0.4 or newer.

  • Your Degree Works Degree Audit solution must be fully implemented. 

  • Degree Works student data has been "force extracted" (e.g. export RAD11FORCE=ALL) at least once per term and/or prior to running Students merges in Coursedog.

  • Degree Audits must have been generated at least once per term.

  • Degree Works services APIs are configured and access is provided to Coursedog (details below under “Access”).

  • You have deployed the Degree Works Responsive Dashboard.


  • If your Degree Works environment is behind a firewall or other security measure, you will need to open communication to Coursedog IP ranges.

  • Your institution will need to create a dedicated user in Degree Works that allows Coursedog to connect to your Degree Works platform.

  • That user would need to have the following roles:













Scribe Generator

  • Coursedog’s Scribe Generator converts existing requirements and their rules into Degree Works scribe with a single click. 

  • You can learn more about our Scribe Generator here.

  • You can learn more about creating requirements in Coursedog’s Curriculum Management platform here.

Course Demand Projections (CDP)

  • Coursedog has built a one-way integration with Degree Works APIs to run batch student auits used for our Course Demand Projections module. 

  • CDP leverages historical enrollment, audit data, and pathways to ensure you are offering the sections and seats students need to graduate on time.

  • In short, it helps you answer questions like, “Does our academic schedule align with student demand?"

  • Learn more about Course Demand Projections here.

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