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13. Handling Change Requests and Exceptions

13.1 Overview

Coursedog has a requests dashboard that allows schedule approvers to approve, reject, or ask for more information on certain kinds of requests. For details on how end users may submit a request, refer to this article.

13.2 Managing Requests

To find all incoming requests, click the 'Requests' button on the left hand navigation bar.


On the right hand side, the user can see the status of the request, which details where it has already been approved, rejected, or if it is pending. The user may also hover over the decision column, which provides a visual representation of where the request is in the workflow:

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The request type details what kind of change or exception request was made. At the top of the screen, the user can also filter by the type of request.

When you click inside of a request, the left hand side of the screen will show the full request. The right hand side of the screen will show the Request Toolbox, which is the interface for taking actions on a request. The user can Approve, Reject, or ask for information on the request.


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