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5. Setting Up Users in Class Schedule Planning

5.1 Overview

Coursedog allows institutions to create users in a variety of different ways: Manually or via SSO. 

5.2 Adding Users manually on the Users page

On your dashboard, select 'Settings' then navigate to 'Users' and select '+ Add User' at the top of the page.

The 'Add New User Card' will open and you can begin to provide information about your new user, including the Role s/he was assigned (note that you may assign more than one role). Adding the relevant roles associated with the user is extremely important, as this will determine the user's permissions and access to the various functionalities within Coursedog (see this article for further details on roles). Required fields are marked with a red "required" symbol in their label next to the field name. Once you click on 'Add New User', Coursedog will send out a notification to the user that access has been created and that a password reset is required.

5.3 Adding Users Via SSO integration (requires Coursedog support)

Steps to integrate Coursedog with your institution's Single Sign On (SSO) can be found here.

5.4 Deleting a User

You may delete a user from Coursedog by selecting a User from the list (Settings > Users) and clicking on 'Delete User' on the top right.

Note: When a user is deleted from the system they will not automatically be deleted from any existing requests or workflows.

5.5 Managing User Settings

Within the settings of an individual user, there are a few important fields you can use to manage what your user can do within the Coursedog platform.

Roles: This field relates directly to the roles set up within each individual product to grant specific permissions to different users. In this field, you can assign a user to one or more of these roles. See this article for more information on roles.

Primary Academic Department / Secondary Academic Departments: These fields allow you to select which departments a user has access to. This is important for a case like Department Schedulers where you only want them to have access to a specific department. You may only select one Primary Academic Department, but may select multiple Secondary Academic Departments.

Products: This field allows you to select what products a user has access to. This overrides the institution-level access--but cannot grant access to a product the school does not have. For example, if an institution has both Scheduler and Events, you can use this field to limit a user to only accessing the Scheduler platform. 

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